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Medium Term Planning | Downderry Childcare

Medium Term Planning – Autumn 2012

Learning Themes Linked to the Areas of Learning and Development








Personal, Social and Emotional Development Learning how to take Care of ourselves. How we feel about ourselves & differences Discuss feelings about different seasons Keeping safe on Firework night. Keeping safe on all child protection issues Discuss feelings about Christmas and families
Communication, Language and Literacy Learning parts of the body names Looking at reference books / picture books Learn about odours / colours / sounds & textures Introduce words related to keeping safe How to say ‘NO’.Stranger Danger LP. Words relating to Christmas theme
Maths Body songs (head / should / knees / toes) Counting parts of the body.teddy puzzles Counting twigs / leaves collected in buckets on beach and nature parks. Emergency numbers Discussing worksheet as a group and individually 12 days of Christmas song. Advent calendars Christmas top trumps
Understanding of the World Visit park Observe each other’s movements using apparatus Halloween Party Observe trees (leaves) Discuss Halloween in other countries eg Mexico Visit Fire / Police / Ambulance stations Firework Night Visit by / to Santa Nativity storybooks Christmas party Small world nativity
Physical Development Exercise to songs Relaxation games – sleeping lions etc. Pin the tail on the Donkey Walk in the woods Play in leaves, puddles Collect leave & twigs etc Halloween Twister Game Holding sparklers Games (pretending to be fireworks) Party games
Art & Design Drawing pictures of ourselves Height charts Finger puppets Halloween cards / decortaions Create Autumn tree. Paper mache masks. Face painting Firework pictures / junk model rockets. Pipe cleaner catherine wheels Make cards, presents, decorations, gift tags, table decorations. Christmas baking biscuits / buns etc